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Filming in Wales

Thinking about filming in Wales and need some ideas. Once owned by the National Trust and now privately kept 18 acres of beautiful woodland set in South of Wales. There are many options for filming in Wales and Ty Isaf is a favourite amongst movie directors. Enquire and find out if your dates are available for filming. This luxury woodland in Wales has never been open to the public, making it more exclusive than Brecon Beacons. The nature is untouched and preserved for the perfect film location. The team at Ty Isaf Woods can provide private parking for up to 50 vehicles. They also offer food catering for film crews, toilets, power and water facilities, with added on site camping too.

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Filming in Wales UK

Ty Isaf Woods is managed by Wales Woodland. Offering film directors a cost efficient solution for filming in Wales. You have access to over 18 acres of pure natural woodland. With privacy in mind, no access to the public has ever been granted. The secrecy of this location is truly hidden amongst the hills. Owned and run by a private company in Wales, Ty Isaf Wood now operates as only a filming location in Wales. It’s open for bookings all year round, please check for dates. The woodland has many uphill and downhill and flat grounds, with a beautiful spring stream flowing right through the woods and dispersing into smaller ones. Ty Isaf Woods is spectacularly beautiful. This location was awarded by the local Welsh government for its protected woodland and wildlife. You can catch the rare Blue Kingfisher here at Ty Isaf Woods too.

Filming Location Reviews in Wales

Due to some non-disclosure agreements with past film producers, we cannot state exactly what movies were filmed here. We can only tell you they were some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters! Find out today if your dates are available for filming in Wales.

Unlike many other filming locations in Wales, we are very flexible and allow our film directors to be creative. We don’t put on restrictions and even allow film crews too camp, as long as you respect then grounds. We highly recommend you take out adequate insurance to ensure safety of your team. Ty Isaf Woods is privately managed by groundsmen who keep this place naturally beautiful all year round. Remember this filming location has never been open to the public before, this adds to the exclusivity of this prime filming location. The team at Ty Isaf can accommodate for catering food on site and you have choice of having your own private BBQ, where we source the food from our local farmhouse. 

Its not just another film location in Wales, it’s also an experience to be witnessed. Ty Isaf Woods is another fine example of the beauty within Wales. The perfect outdoor filming location in Wales.

Filming Location in Wales

One of the best locations I have filmed and more importantly what made it more exclusive is the fact the woods has never been been open to the public
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Andrew Weiner
Film Director

Ty Isaf Woods

For film location bookings please email or call 07741657779

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Best filming locations in Wales

As most know Brecon Beacons is the most famous film making location in the world. Ty Isaf Woods is a short drive to Brecon where gigantic Hollywood movies are made. It’s very famous for movies such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Mission Impossible and many more. Here’s a list of the top filming locations in Wales using by leading movie production companies from around the world.

Brecon Beacons National Park

This national treasure is recognised for its sky high landscapes, ancient climate change and green-land forests. The National Park was used for the famous Sir Attenborough wildlife documentaries and many Netflix film documentaries. Filming in Wales especially at Brecon Beacons requires permission from the National Trust as most areas are governed by them. There are Stone Age period structures throughout the National Park, as its age goes far back as over 5000 years. The night sky is also a famous scene in many films, as the sky is ultra clear and often used by leading scientists from all over the world to monitor the skyline and space.

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Ty Isaf Woods

This hidden gem goes far back as the early 1500s. Situated just 7 miles from Cardiff and stretched over 18 acres of pure natural woodland. Ty Isaf Woods has had many famous films made here. It’s privately owned and has natural spring streams flowing into the woodland, making the views absolutely stunning. Also an ex National Trust woodland with no public access. You can check for bookings at Ty Isaf via this website using the Check Availability page. Ty Isaf makes an ideal film location in Wales.

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Snowdonia National Park

Located at the very top of North Wales you will find this beautifully maintained national park called Snowdonia. Although a lot of people think the reason behind its name is because of its magnificent views during the snow fall. It’s actually named Snowdonia because of the highest mountain in Wales called Snowdon which is around 3600ft high. The National Park covers over 800 miles of mountains, streams and rivers. If you’re after highland areas this could be an ideal filming location in Wales for you.

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For booking a filming in Wales please message us using the contact page.