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Outdoor Filming Location Wales

Are you looking for the ideal outdoor filming location in Wales? Look no further. Ty Isaf Woods is renowned for filming in the outdoors. Used by leading movie production companies, this exclusive woodland has become the perfect outdoor film location in Wales. Commutable from London and only a 7 miles from Cardiff, this natural woodland has exceptional views.

Ideal outdoor filming location

Well you’ve just stumbled across one of the finest outdoor filming location in Wales. Situated only a short distance from the main capital Cardiff and only a short drive to the famous Brecon Beacons. Ty Isaf Woods which was once owned by the National Trust is a award winning filming location which is never open to the public. This private luxurious woodland has been preserved for decades and is available for all outdoor filming locations. No public or road access runs through this ancient woodland. Covered by natural stone and splendid clear streams.

Outdoor Film Location in the Woodlands

Filming in the outdoors at Ty Isaf is a remarkable experience. You can hear the natural flow of water finding its way through the woodlands and dispersing into smaller ones. Hidden away deep in the forest you will find small streams and up-hill paths that bring you around into the woods. With a on-site camping and recording without any disturbances, this is the ideal outdoor film location. The woodland has a magical touch and pathways created to explore the grounds. With rare wildlife attracting its grounds this location has become a protected woodland. If you’re filming your award winning documentary or future film at Ty Isaf, you will definitely not regret the experience. We have lots of different locations and scenery within the woods to be discovered. 

Water features are a main part of the woods. The natural mountain spring flowing water is crystal clear and adds huge character to the forest. Tall trees hide shade and spots of sunshine come falling through the branches. There are various locations within the woods which make it a very unique filming location. Wales is known for its natural beauty and Ty Isaf woods represents this very well in every way.

Filming Outdoors Facilities

When your filming in the outdoors, we understand the importance of having everything on-site. With private on-site vehicle access for base units and mobile units, Ty Isaf offers plenty of room for film crew vans. We also have camping grounds for staff who are working on-site overnight. Toilet facilities can be provided for the booking. Water and power facilities can also provided on request. The management can provide many other outdoor filming facilities such as food catering for film crews, certified security on-site, transport and storage. Note, no public access or public vehicle access is allowed on the ground. This means you can film anytime time you wish without anyones consent. Noise is not a problem and film makers may use wind machines, smoke screens, backdrops and props on-site without additional planning permission.

One of the best locations I have filmed and importantly what made it more exclusive is the fact the woods has never been been open to the public
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Andrew Weiner
Film Director

Ty Isaf Woods

For film location bookings please email or call 07741657779

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Outdoor famous filming locations

Ty Isaf has housed many documentaries and films for outdoor video productions. This includes photoshoots, film making, documentaries, TV series and more. During different seasons the ancient woodland changes in colour and presents its natural beauty throughout. Ty Isaf is also seen as Wales hidden rainforest, with a variety of different trees and jungle like plants. The grounds are fully walkable and the sides are narrowing in, this hides the beauty from the public eye. The woodland is maintained by naturists and retired gardeners. The wood is preserved and the space is fully workable.